The Difference Between Sod and Grass Seed

Whether you’ve had your property for a long time or you’re a new homeowner, keeping a green and lush lawn is perhaps vital to you. You might have noticed that brown patches have appeared in a couple of spots or particular areas of your lawn aren’t as healthy as others.

No matter the reason, you might have to choose between sod or grass seed for your lawn if you want to improve your Fort Wayne Landscaping. Today, we are going to talk about their differences.

Maintenance Effort

When choosing between grass seed and sod, one thing to consider is the length of time and amount of effort required when maintaining and growing lawn. If you want a lush lawn in an extremely short period, sod is definitely the ideal choice. The reason for this is that sod is almost an immediate lawn. It enables you to transform your dead lawn into a lively one within 24 hours. Sod is an excellent option if you’re planning to host a party on your lawn.

On the other hand, if you use seed, it might take a bit longer to grow a dense and lush lawn. The reason for this is that grass seed requires time to grow. Grass seed is worth considering if you’ve got a lot of time to maintain your lawn. Keep in mind that growing your own grass needs a lot of attention and time. Grass seed is an option for you if you’ve got no issues with time.

How Much Does Grass Seed or Sod Cost?

Of course, whenever you’re deciding between sod or seed, the cost is a huge factor. Sod is the most expensive choice since it’s been cared for and maintained by another person for a particular period. Aside from that, it typically needs a professional to install it since it requires a lot of work. Sod is an excellent option if money is not a problem.

If budget is an issue, then grass seed is the option for. For those who don’t know, the best quality grass seed mix is still a lot more affordable compared to any form of sod. Thus, grass seed might be the ideal choice if your project is budget-driven.

What’s The Difference?

You have to know the biggest difference between seed and sod so that you can make an informed decision.

Grass seed is an option where you’ll start from scratch. From the name itself, it means that you’ve got to grow the grass using the seed. You will plant it on your lawn. Because of this, it might take quite some time before your lawn becomes lush.

On the other hand, sod is already a mature turf. It’s been maintained by another person. Then, it is transplanted to your lawn. Usually, a professional will be the one to install the turf. This is especially true if your lawn is huge. Sod should be watered quite heavily the first week. So, if you really want to use sod, you have to keep this in mind always.


Prevention is Better than Cure

As a responsible home owner, you should observe pest control practices that are good for your home especially if you do not want your home to be infested by any kind of pests that may cause harm and illness to you and the rest of the people living inside your home. If you need the help of a professional family pest control company, you can easily select one because there are already a lot of companies out there that offers these kinds of services. 

In any events, prevention is always so much better than cure so you must know the things that you can do in order for you to prevent any kind of pests from infesting in your home. In every problem, there is always a solution but it is better to know the ways on how to prevent it from happening in your own home where you seek peace and comfort. 

Here are some preventive measures that you can follow religiously in order to prevent any bad things such as pest infestation from happening in your very own home: 

  • Do not give them access to their source of food 

There are many and different sources of food for different pests that can infest in your home; the most important thing is that you do not give them access to a source of their food so that there will be no reason for you them to stay on your property. All kinds of pests cannot survive without a food source, so do not give them one. 

For rodents, they access your pantry because the sweets that you have hiding there are one of their favorite food sources in a home. Often times, you will see unopened packets of biscuits, candies, or any type of food have bite marks from rodents, hence, this is the reason why you should keep your food away from these rodents. 


  • Humid-free environment 

Your home should not have wet parts especially in hidden areas because wetness will provide an inviting place for many pests such as termites. They like places that are dark and humid. In those areas, they will start feeding on the woodworks of your home which can ruin the foundation of your home.  

If you keep your home humid-free you are preventing pests from infesting in your home. Your home will not attract pests in your home.  


  • Do not provide any point of access 

If there are holes in your home, anywhere at the top or at the bottom, that will serve as an access point for all and any kind of pests that are very much interested in infesting your home and disturbing your living in the way that they can.  

You should be mindful of small holes in your home because that can cause small pests from getting inside your home which is not good for you and for everybody that is living inside the home.  


Above are the preventive measures that you should follow in order for you to avoid any pest infestation in your home. It is always better to do preventive measures than to find a cure to something that has already penetrated your home.